Prof. Bloodgood 

Accessory, Shawl, Lace w/ Fringe, Deluxe

Starting at: $70.00

Hand made deluxe lace shawl is delicate looking but very sturdy and will last many years in a busy photo studio. The good quality lace is edged on two of the three sides with long black fringe. The fringe is high quality and will not fray or shed. Anyone who has run a costumed photo studio knows the value of a good lace shawl, as a prop to be draped over a table, a chair or a folding screen. Or as an accessory draped over the subject to accent and/or hide any desired or undesired portion of the picture. This is the ultimate lace shawl that will last you a studio's lifetime! Available in medium size or extra large. The photo shows the extra large version.
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