Prof. Bloodgood 

21st Century Handbook on CD


Back in 1974, Prof. Bloodgood's Handbook introduced the Old Time Photo industry to the entrepreneurial world. Now, the 21st Century Edition Handbook reports the current status of the industry with humor, nostalgia and plain old common sense. Learn how cultural changes, fashion trends, and digital imaging have changed the industry and what today's newcomer can expect. This CD makes an easy searchable reference, you can also print out your own hard copy to store in a 3 ring binder. Order yours today.

But Wait, there's More! In the case of the CD it is a 2CD set.

That's right, you get not only the complete 84 page handbook but you also get FREE a second CD including the complete Central casting catalog and an animated Fashion Show illustrating dozens of outfits and poses.

Excerpts from our latest Handbook can be seen at left.
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