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Our costumes cast you in roles for the camera. Each of our garments has the look and feel of a real antique. We use only the finest fabrics, otherwise found at the designer level of upscale fashion stores. Our costumes are cut and sewn individually to your order and specifications. They are truly designer quality, custom-made for the price of ready-to-wear.

For many years, Prof. Bloodgood's Central Casting has been creating designs that mold themselves to the body for a realistic and highly flattering effect. Though our creations are set in historic periods, we also interpret the changing public perceptions and fashion trends of the present. Each costume is individually cut and sewn by by an expert seamstress or milliner. They are quality made and very long lasting. You simply cannot find a better costume value anywhere. Our online catalog includes many new items and upgraded versions of old favorites as well as access to our reproduction "archives".

As nothing we make is ever discontinued, we are happy to provide, upon request, prices for items shown in the archives. If you are interested in costumes from the 18th Century, 19th Century, early 20th Century, Pirates, Renaissance, Medieval, Victorian, Edwardian, Civil War, Old Western, Saloon, Boudoir, or period bridal, please browse our site and enjoy.

As one of the original inventors of the Old Time Photo concept, I have written a modern sequel to our 1974 Handbook, "Secrets of the Old Time Photo Business". Please see our 21st C. Handbook section to read excerpts from the new book and learn about the business that has now reinvented itself for the digital age.

We are always happy to hear from our guests. I would love to hear from you at marykbloomer@gmail.com, or call me at (805) 966-3620.

~ Kathy Bloomer

Prof. Bloodgood props and accessories are in stock and ready to ship. Our costumes and accessories are also available on eBay and Amazon. Click on each of the following links for a one way trip there: eBay and/or Amazon.

What our customers are saying:

"I'm only half way through your handbook and I've just learned more about posing people than in a year and a half of trying to look up good advice on photography on the internet and buying traditional photography books... This was some of the best $10 I have *ever* spent!"

Thank you!
S.L., Oregon

"Our studio has been using your costumes for most of our 32 years in business. Your costumes have the best fit, photograph the best and last the longest (some still in use are over 20 years old!)  Just wanted to let you know!"

E.B, Canada